ETUDE HOUSE Real Art Cleansing Oil Moisture 185ml | Moist type cleansing oil effective for removing dead skin cells, cleansing away makeup residue and old skin cells

Price: $16.90
(as of Sep 29,2022 01:12:26 UTC – Details)

REAL ART CLEANSING OIL MOISTURIZER with pre-adsorption and cleansing power that erases even Mona Lisa’s eyebrows
MOISTURIZING EFFECT UPGRADE! Cleans out makeup residue and dead skin cells while its vegetable oils keep skin moisturized and smooth after cleansing
WATER-FRIENDLY UPGRADE! Water-friendly formula that reacts quickly to water, and doesn’t leave any makeup residue after washing
KERATIN LEVEL UPGRADE! Grape seed oil and apricot seed oil are added to the coconut oil ingredients that gently take care of your skin

Author: Abdul Manan

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